Manda Audio

The plugin doesn't show up in my DAW

Note: On a Mac the plugin runs only on Intel and ARM (M1 / M2) processors. The old G5 processors and older ones from before 2006 are not supported. You can check which cpu your device has by clicking on the top left Apple icon and select "About this Mac".

Some users reported that restarting the Mac after installing the plugin helped the DAW to scan and recognize the plugin.

For Pro-Tools users: Make sure to create a STEREO instrument track. The plugin won't show up on a MONO track.

In case you are using GarageBand or Logic: These DAWs do not support the VST format. You have to download and install the AU - Audio Units version of the plugin instead.

Also important for only GarageBand is to make sure that Enable Audio Units is checked in the preferences. Go to GarageBand -> Preferences -> Audio/MIDI -> Enable Audio Units