Manda Audio
John (USA)
Great sounds, great interface, great built-in compressor! Download and make a donation. Well worth it.
Tom (UK)
Great work all round folks, particularly love the fills libraries.
Greg Berne (Canada)
This Virtual Instrument will redefine how and why we use percussion plugins. It is a straight ahead simple, highly effective and above all, GREAT sounding VI. It is hard to believe that its free. it will make you rethink all others. In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the grooves are highly usable, well written and presented throughout. This will enhance my AD2 immersion and likely will inspire my projects if I were to hit a snag in fills etc... Superb offering!
Lance (USA)
I've used a myriad of 'pay-for' VST drum plugins in the 15+ years I've been making music "in-the-box". All have their strengths and weaknesses. But the MT Power Drum Kit greatest strength is its simplicity and that simplicity minimizes its potential weaknesses. MT Power Drum Kit holds down my favorite "4 S's". Simple, straightforward, stable and above all, SOLID. For price versus content and functionality, you really won't find a better drum VST than MT Power Drum Kit. Anywhere.
Awesome job Daniel Mitschang-Manda. This is MY goto drum VST before all others.
Siddie Nam (UK)
Great work on this. One of the finest free drum VSTs I've found ever -- using in Reaper and is a treat to work with. I'll settle for great sounds over pointless features any day -- brilliant job on the samples and loops.

Well done guys.
Pread Ristman (Serbia)
Very Good software, I use Reaper and this plugin work so good on Reaper!!!
Vrink (France)
Oui! N'étant pas batteur, ce VSTi de batterie est exactement ce qu'il me fallait, pour, qu'à partir d'une ligne de base MIDI, je puisse adapter toutes mes percussions aux notes de mes morceaux de musique. Il est excellent, facile, simple, évident & efficace; & sous l'excellent MixCraft Studio 7, il marche très bien.
Jerry Mateo (USA)
so this is pretty amazing its free and sounds amazing just simple easy and good to go in one click
Felix (Italy)
Ottimo, fa il lavoro dei migliori Software oltre essere leggero e facile da installare.
Odd Christian Svendsen (Norway)
It is great..awesome grooves and fat sound..
Thank you
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