Manda Audio
Finngall (France)
Oui! N'étant pas batteur, ce VSTi de batterie est exactement ce qu'il me fallait, pour, qu'à partir d'une ligne de base MIDI, je puisse adapter toutes mes percussions aux notes de mes morceaux de musique. Il est excellent, facile, simple, évident & efficace; & sous l'excellent MixCraft Studio 7, il marche très bien.
Philippe (France)
fonctionne parfaitement avec studio one V3.
aussi efficace que EZdrummer.
donc pourquoi depenser de l'argent.

try it !!!
Tim (UK)
Punchy Rock drum kit, responsive dynamics. Includes a full mixer and comes with loads of MIDI grooves to create full songs with variations and fills. Great value whether for fre or donation. Very happy I donated.
Tan (Canada)
Came across a YouTube video about using drums with Reaper as I don't own any drums except what came with Ableton Live. The tutorial made your plugin so easy to understand and use. Like others, I am simply amazed by your plugin. Fantastic sound with ease of use makes this my goto drum kit. I will be making a donation very soon. You deserve it for sure! Cheers from Canada :)

Well done guys.
Spencer R (Canada)
You make one amazing virtual drummer!
The biggest issue with writing for me is drums, but the groove library and the excellent sampling you've done mades writing easier than its ever been. And with the free download I have shared this with every engineer I know!
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