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Multi Output: How to apply different effects to each drum

On the bottom of the plugins mixer page you can see that by default every channel is routed to "Out 1" of the 8 available outputs. If you don't change that, every effect which you apply to the drums in your DAW, will affect the whole drum kit. If you would like to apply an affect for instance only to the Snare, you have to route the Snare to a different Output from within the plugins internal mixer. It makes sense to not only route the Snare to a different output, but the other drums and cymbals as well.

Here are some screenshots which show a reasonable distribution to the available outputs:

Before / default:

After / distributed:

After this step you have to activate the outputs in your DAW in order to be able to hear all of them, since a DAW only has Output 1 of a plugin activated by default. This works different in every DAW. All outputs are stereo outputs, so you can apply stereo effects to it like Reverb and Delay.