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I get the error message: "The content file is missing!"

Make sure to copy both files MT-PowerDrumKit.dll and MT-PowerDrumKit-Content.pdk into the same folder.

Search all your VST folders and subfolders for another copy of the plugin. Delete it if you find any other copy. Within all VST folders and subfolders there must be only one single copy of the plugin installed, otherwise the DAW could happen to load the one which doesn't have the Content file on its side, which will cause the error message.

In order to check that properly, just delete all files you can find of the MT Power Drum Kit plugin from ALL your VST folders and subfolders.

Then go into the VST plugin settings of your DAW and re-scan the plugin folders.

Make sure you don't find anything of the plugin anymore in your DAW. So, if you create an instrument track, MTPDK should not be available anymore. If your DAW still finds it, then search for the conflicting copy on your hard drive and delete it as well.

Only when your DAW doesn't find anything anymore of the plugin, continue by downloading and installing the current version from the website.

If you don't do this verification step by double checking and properly deleting before downloading the latest version, you can't be sure whether your DAW might still be loading the wrong copy from somewhere on your hard drive within your VST (sub)folders.

If you followed the previous instructions and the error message still appears, the following guide could help to solve the problem:

In some rare cases, if you have special non-English characters in your Windows user name (like Asian or French characters) and your VST plugins folder happens to be installed within your Users folder (for instance on the Desktop or in the Documents folder), then you should consider moving your plugins folder to another place on your drive. Make sure that the path doesn't have any non-English characters.

Here is a simple suggestion:

1) Create a new folder directly on your C: or D: drive, like: C:\VstPlugins\

2) Move all your plugins from your old VST folder to this new created one (close your DAW beforehand).

3) Go into your DAWs preferences and add the new plugins folder or change it to the new one. Hit re-scan if available.

Although we are working on a solution to fix this bug in the plugin, we strongly recommend in general to not place your VST folder on the Desktop or in the Documents folder. They both are actually located within the Users folder. Having your plugins installed in the Users folder will put them to risk of data loss in case something goes wrong with Windows.