Manda Audio

Why we need your
e-mail address

After you make a donation, we will send you a special registration key which you can enter into the plugin to get rid of the start screen.

You may wish to register the plugin more than once, if you reinstall your operating system or purchase a new computer in the future. To do so, you will need a new registration key, because the old one won't work on your new system. Having your e-mail address on file, allows us to send you a new registration key immediately, without delay, whenever you need a new one. So, it is important that you provide us with your main email address that you plan to continue using in the future.

Furthermore we can notify you once a new version of the plugin is available.

Remember: We will never sell or give your data to anyone, so you may share your contact information with us secure in the knowledge that we will maintain your privacy!