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MIDI Mapping - Presets

If you want to use the MT-PowerDrumKit 2 plugin together with a drum plugin you already own, we recommend downloading one of the following compatible MIDI mapping presets and loading it in the plugin, under ‘Settings.’ You can find out exactly how to do this by going to our VIDEO at the 4:40 mark.

A compatible preset is available to download for the following plugins:

Special Thanks to Bill Saunders for helping to create a preset file.

Drum Map / Note Names / Pitch Names

The drum map (some DAWs also call it note names or pitch names) will allow the DAW to display the actual drum names (Kick, Snare, etc.) in the MIDI editor instead of just the blank piano roll keys. This makes drum programming much more convenient. Here you can download the drum maps suitable for a few DAWs and also see instructions about what it looks like and how to import the drum map into your DAW:

For Reaper:
Download Note Names | How to use

For Cubase:
Download Drum Map | How to use

For Studio One:
Download Pitch Names | How to use

For Cakewalk/Sonar:
Download Drum Map | How to use